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I have another story to tell, and even though it's not a GF story, I reckon it's nice enough to share.

So, let's check what's going on. I, trying to pull my lvl 53 Gunslinger through Makeb (gear = horribad), decide that it might be a good idea to do the Heroic 4 quest on Frinn Mesa (forgot the name). I find a Tank and another Gunslinger reasonably quickly (read: 30 minutes after first asking in chat). The Guardian has about 30k HP and is lvl 55, the other Gunslinger is lvl 54 and his gear is... well, it's better than mine, I'll give him that.

Unfortunately, no luck finding a healer. And none of my teammates has an adequately geared healing companion (I prefer using Bowdaar). But off we go anyway, because nobody else volunteers. We have some trouble on the first group (because the 2nd Gunslinger doesn't take cover... or shoot at all, for that matter). And then our hero Gunslinger runs head on into quite possibly the biggest and most dangerous group in the first part of the quest. He then complains about a lack of healing from the companion () and we wipe. I'm also the only one to notice that you can instantly respawn within the instance without having to wait 10 minutes for the probe, but more about that later.

So we successfully sneak past all the other mob groups in the first part of the instance (I kinda said it might be risky to leave all those enemies behind you if you get in trouble, but it never became a factor) and get to the turret encounter. For those of you who are unaware, there are 3 turrets to be killed. 2 of them are always shielded to invincibility and if the vulnerable one takes enough damage, they switch and spawn a group of adds (which heal the turrets).
We fail gloriously. And they refuse to believe me that you can revive inside of the instance without waiting for 10 minutes . However, I have mercy with the other Gunslinger who, again, complained about a lack of heals (and with good reason, because our Tank forgot about Doc) and decide to look for another group member.

At this time, I present to you a short interlude to talk about something that annoys me. People thinking they have to explain the entire game to you. At lvl 50+. Now, I understand that you might have doubts about other players, especially if you read this thread fairly often. But don't try to explain things to people who haven't done anything wrong in your presence .

Anyways, back to the story. Still no Heal. We find another DPS, another Gunslinger, to be precise (I should have known that it couldn't go well). Our hero Gunslinger complains about this in chat, asking why I'd take another DPS into the group (little does he know the guy was the *only* candidate across 3 instances of Makeb). I don't reply, because I'm fed up about the guy at this point. I was actually thinking about telling him (sarcastically, ofc) that my intention was replacing him, but I didn't.

In the meantime I have some trouble getting back to the quest instance. The pipes required to go there constantly have me fall short, at one point I hit a wall face first and drop all the way back to the ground . Later I get stuck inside of some terrain, but I get there eventually. Our new guy does even worse than me, though. At first, he doesn't find the way. And then he doesn't know how to get up to us, he doesn't even bother asking. Then, he gets to the part before the last jump. But he never makes that jump. He always drops back down to a ledge below him and redoes the whole thing. When asked why, he said he didn't know. Then, at one point, he does that thing again, but then he drops too far and crashes to the floor, dying. He claims he had to go and leaves the group. Fabulous.

Our hero Gunslinger then insists I should, again, try to find a Heal. I try, and we have a little debate in chat about the approximate population sizes of the roles of the trinity, after I claim that our chances of finding a Heal are very slim. He then tells us that he had a date at 6 pm (which was about 20 mins away at the time) and that he'd leave then. So, I invite the only person willing to do the gosh darn quest after convincing our DPS that, given his lack of time, we should rather try again with another anything than try to find a certain role.

So we go again, now we have a certain bug going on that makes all 3 turrets shielded , so we have to reset.
There we go again, and the guys kinda fail horribly. Our new, decently geared Shadow DPS, takes about 30 seconds every time to realise when a turret has become invulnerable. We wipe, and our Shadow proclaims that it was useless. But I'm not ready to give up. I now employ some leet next level tactics I learned by playing other games.

I camp. To the left of the turret encounter, there is a bunch of crates, which I use to break LoS with the turrets. Apparently, my DPS was so supreme that I had every turret and all of the adds aggroed even when not shooting for a solid minute. Thankfully, I put some points into a skill that would make me recover 1% HP every few seconds in cover. So I was literally undefeatable. I kept the fight going long enough for the rest of my group to return to the land of the living multiple times. By the end of this fight, the hero Gunslinger, who I actually kinda grew to like, encouraged me and was also the one to down turret #1. I killed the other 2, one of them 100% solo. Oh well.

The rest of the quest is a breeze in comparison. We just obliterate everything else, and get through the boss without a Healer. But man, those turrets.

Needless to say, our hero Gunslinger was waaaayyy late on his date. But I appreciated that he took this one for the team.

PS: Sorry for the wall of text. If anybody finds this enjoyable, well, then I'm glad.