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Quote: Originally Posted by HBCentaurion View Post
A blind, deaf comatose patient can heal HM operations. And anwg; you are wrong.

Anyways, continue on with the funny stories. I won't derail this anymore.
yeah, that's why so many people are clearing them left and right. in pugs.

and actually he's very much correct. if you were maintaining 8 stacks of hots on everyone, not only you'd have to have perfect latency, but you wouldn't be doing anything else. theoretically - the probe is supposed to last 18 seconds. practically, you have to refresh it no later than 16 or risk both stacks falling off. moreover - without perfect latency, and inhuman reflexes, you won't be refreshing it every 1.5 seconds on a dot. it will be closer to 2 seconds per probe. which means that this is literally all your are doing. no cleanses, no other abilities used, just going through probe refreshing rotation. and that's not counting mechanics that may add time to that already tight interval

its inefficient, its down right bad, its putting far too much strain on your healing partner, and so the only time I do the "roll probes continuously" deal is on 4 people at the time, 5 tops and the only in situations where I KNOW they will be taking continuous damage.

but that's ok, please do continue making your exaggerated pointlessly elitist claims that have no basis in actual reality.

(and because I do use other abilities besides kolto probe, stealthing between pulls makes absolutely positively sure that I have a minimum of 2 stacks of TA, more efficiently and with less pointless overhealing.)