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I have one question for every single one of you in this thread. Do you even tank?

At this point in the game, with horrible returns on Defense above 20% and massive hits in NiM raids, endurance stacking is half of the gearing game. Let me show you my tank.

If that doesn't show up correctly, just search for Rycanda on the shadowlands. If you look, his defense is sitting at 21.98 though it shows at 19.98 right now. The site isn't showing up my set bonus for some weird reason. Also, as a vanguard tank, I constantly have a buff to my absorption rating. If anything, my Shield rating needs to be dropped, but as it stands, this allows me to live through the current HM content. And you know what else? I have 49k hit points, which means I'm going to be living for quite a long time. Is my gear perfect? Not yet, but soon, I'll be full 78s and at that point, I'll be sitting over 50k health. It's the only way to go for vanguard tanks. And yes, I have tanked through the new HM content.
Have you ever tanked all the nim bosses with that gear, with 250 Absorption rating?!

You can get away with much in hm raids, but you wanna tell us that the only way for vanguards is to stack hp?! Hit points are giving you nothing to reduce incoming damage! You are like a dps with a lot of health basically.