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Quote: Originally Posted by leto_cleon View Post
Hmm... I do wonder, if this lockout bug makes the Arkanian Warding Relic better.

Assuming the 40s lockout halves the number of procs, 7*1360 is only 9529 damaged absorbed (vs 10360).
Well the timer is either 20+X seconds (for the arkanian relic) or 40+X seconds (for the dread forged one). So going for a specific time (lets say your 390 sec parse):

390 sec, 14 activations means X =7,85 seconds, so its 8,15 activations of the dread forged relic (390/(40+7,85))which equals to 11084 damage.

The difference between the 2 relics depends on the X, the average additional downtime of the relic, the shorter X is, the better the arkanian relic would be.