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So how does the Reactive Warding relic actually work? Does it reduce damage by X for the duration? Does it work on all damage types?
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Think of it like a sorc bubble that lasts 6 seconds and absorbs a maximum of 1360 damage.
Hmm... the reason I ask this is that I haven't seen any extensive parse analysis on the proc yet. I finally got my hands on an Arkanian one and from what I can tell the lockout time is not the stated 40s. This lower lockout also doesn't seem to be due to different damage types or due to different bosses/adds hitting.

What also seems to have happened when the amount of damage absorb was fixed in 2.4.1 was that if the absorbed damage is split, the total amount absorbed is slightly less (ie 739 instead of 740 for an Arkanian relic).

In terms of mitigation priority, it seems that Blade Barricade, Shield Chance and Defence Chance do take priority over the proc, so it might be the case that it works post-mitigation.

In terms what can be absorbed, the proc definitely works on internal, elemental, kinetic, and energy damage.

Spreadsheet Analysis:


Enter Combat 22:30:23
Last Proc Lost 22:36:51
Parse Length 0:06:28

Actual No of Procs 14
Expected Dmg Absorbed 10360
Actual Dmg Absorbed 10357
Actual % Avg 99.97%

Avg Time Btwn Procs 0:00:29
Min Time Btwn Procs 0:00:20