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Currently playing both. See I quit WoW back after BC released. So recently I picked it up again after a friend send me a referral. We started new characters and were given a 200% xp boost so that made leveling easier. Currently almost 75. Anyway what I enjoy is the variety of dungeons I mean you pretty much always have a chance to get a different one as well as flying mounts.

Now in TOR, the actual landscape is gorgeous and the inclusion of the voice acting as well as stories really make TOR shine. Also endgame in TOR seems to be relatively easier than WoW because endgame is what I'm about. But if I can end my post with one note that is a glaring issue with TOR. It is the fact that the game has no other additional activities such as fishing and no actual areas for role players which I think is important. But anyway I enjoy both currently.
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