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10.28.2013 , 01:23 PM | #9
Madness still needs help too though, it's not like making their dots unable to be cleansed makes them complete. In fact, it gimps lightning and healing sorcs even more because madness sorcs are already somewhat popular on top teams on pot5 and bastion.

- Need a blink. Just like mages in wow
- A casting while on the move cooldown would also be nice. 3 mins, lasts 10 secs

- Need a damage reduction cooldown just like disc priests in wow. 40% DR, last 10 secs, 2 or 3 min cd. Able to be cast while cc'd
- Needs a binding heal, 1.5 sec cast base which heals a moderate amount on self and target.

I realize you said no new abilities til an xpac, but there are very few QoL changes you can make to make these two specs better than they are currently.

I personally think lightning is fine with the right comp and teammates. However, they need the two things I suggested in order to be more mobile and not totally be shutdown and rely on teammates to allow you to cast.

A healing sorcs biggest problem is running out of force and being tunneled too easily while having to hardcast. They need more tools in order to "tank" but also throw out additional help. Another instant cast such as prayer of mending would go a long way as well.