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10.28.2013 , 09:37 AM | #7

Augments: 5 shield 9 rest.
270 defence after relics [Dread Forged Defence proc + Kell Dragon Defence proc].

{3000,{defense-> 249 ,shield->1256,absorb->1495}}

Augments: 10 shield 4 rest.
0 defence after relics, 1332 Absorb after relics [Dread Forged Defence proc + Dread Forged Shield Amplification].

My plan for Fortress + Palace NiM progression, I am tempted to drop some absorbtion, especially in Palace.
For relics I took 625 * 6/23 = 163, it's inaccurate but not too horrible. Although due to DR the effective defence rating is probably around 100-120 defence points, and there's the gamble of double proc instead of alternative procs with the double defence. And they may fix the relics on the 29th.

So yeah, difference = 5 shield augments and a 270 defence/absorbtion exchange.
Edit: Assassin tank.