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10.28.2013 , 08:16 AM | #1354
Well I finally made myself a Trooper a couple of months ago. The only class I had yet to try. Had some fun on Ord Mantell, but by the time I got off the boat on Coruscant I just wasn't feeling it. Didn't feel like a Trooper in those awful starter planet clothes. Looked like some sort of space janitor, rather than space marine. So there she sat. Unplayed and unloved for a good wee while.

Something had to be done. Begged some money from the big moneybags Lvl 55 main, and went shopping at various legacy and reputation vendors. And the end result - Ta-da!....

Finally, I FEEL like a bad-*** soldier, now that I kind of actually look like one. Starting to get into this class, at last. (Does that make me really shallow? )