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Ok so this is the bug. When you talk to her after her "brother" you get the option of a dark side flirt. This is bugged and will not allow you to continue the story line. It's not that you made a bad choice, its just bugged. If you choose the neutral option then you can continue her story like normal. BioWare has a fix for the bug for players that haven't reached that point yet. However, it's harder to fix it for players that already experienced the bug. A GM announced on a similar forum that it will come out a within a couple of days after the launch which means soon. Hope this helps
O.o I'm pretty sure I did that conversation in the first few days of early access, chose the dark side flirt, and I have had no trouble with romancing her. Weird.

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i have 90 points on her and can't gain any more even though i should be around 1000 points with her by now. i sent in a ticked that was closed without help
Just checking, but you do know that you only get affection points added in when you complete a quest right? So when you choose an option that she likes, her point total will only go up when you finish out the entirity of the quest that the dialogue was connected to.