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I killed him yesterday, first with a pug group and then with guild (total of 6 kills) he had 1 stack when we started and when he respawned he still had only one stack, only when we used the Dreadful Essences on him did his amount of stacks improve. Not that this happened a total of five times, when killed he respawned but with only one stack, funny thing that we killed him with two stacks and three stacks, but he ALWAYS respawned with one stack (not zero, two or three or even four, always one stack).

That cannot be working as intended, right?
its is working as intended
he is only gaining stacks bye applying Dreadful Essences!
he will always spawn with 1 stack and drop 1 Dreadful Essen (more if u kill him with more stacks i think)

so u need to kill him 9 times with 1 stack to get 9 Dreadful Essences if u want to try 10 stacks etc

first when section x was implemented he gained a stack every time he was killed
but that was changed at some point

(excuse my poor English skills)
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