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10.26.2013 , 12:45 AM | #1
Hey guys i just wanted some feedback on my stats as a jugger tank because i wanted to start doing ops with my guild what else should i go for ? Here's a pic:
def : 16.99 - 693 rating
shield : 39.61 - 795 rating
absorb : 32.37 - 503

The way i see it, is that some stats have a diminishing return ... meaning that the more you increase a stats the less effective it becomes and I think this applies to main stats as well (strength, aim, cunning etc.) not just secondary ....I stopped getting more def rating because after using my Q skill that usually gets me ~21.50% rating and i kind of have it up 80% of the fights.
Shield rating is almost 800... adding lets say another 60-70 rating would increase my shield to barely 40% and that's not worth it... Absorb on the other hand being at 503 can increase the percentage a lot more thus getting more out of shield absorb rating than any other stats.
I would love some feedback please let me know what works for u as tank...(Jugger tank).
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