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10.25.2013 , 04:11 PM | #1
I have noticed after leveling 4 pub toon that Essles drops gear 90-95% of the time for people in the fp. I am leveling my 9th imp toon and have noticed that in Black Talon the gear drop for my group (3 assassin) was 2 blue pieces of gear for us, and everything else that dropped (all the good orange stuff) was nothing but aim and cunning. I have ran it 3 times now and its the same drops over and over. I can go in and get my orange off hand in Essles every time (always drops for me when doing with another of same class on bonus boss), yet black talon doesn't do this. I know its a quick couple levels, but for new people that are in the game or just trying to get the orange modifiable pieces its a waste. I think the devs should look into the drops here. I know it can be random but out of the 20 or so times i've run Essles it drops mostly gear for people in there, and yet black talon is very sparse for anyone but aim or cunning toons. Anyway i'm past the level for BT, but it should be looked into either way. Other than xp, not getting gear for your toon sucks. Especially when you run it in a group like I did.

I have ran it a few times solo now as I'm high enough level to, and its still dropping all orange cunning and aim gear. I shouldn't have to run this fp 5+ times to never get an orange focus for my sin. Even an orange shield gen would be fine for the time being.