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Hello Everyone!

Been playing from the start of SWTOR. I took some time away and came back when I saw that they finally have developed the space end of this game. I tried returning a few months ago but was shocked to discover there were so few players. In the beginning I joined a guild composed of ppl who knew each other from WoW. (Which I never played). They were a very nice bunch of people!! When I came back. sadly, none were still playing SWTOR. :So I have no guild at all. I've received a few invites but this time around I want to try an LGBT or LGBT friendly guild.

I have tried a bunch of different MMO's: Vendetta Online, Black Prophecy, Guild Wars II, Secret World. (among others). I never thought I'd say this, but I personally prefer SWTOR! But --- I don't know how I feel about the f2p model. I am still a subscriber and likely will continue to be.

I'm a lesbian - old as dirt. - playing on the Republic side. I've been a gamer since the '80's; so I am nit completely useless. I want to make some friends and have some fun as well. Right now I am sticking to the PvE servers. I'm looking for a friendly, supportive and fun LGBT guild. Your suggestions/advice are most welcome. Feel free to contact me.

Ask me anything you want to know; I'm curious - do they move your character or do I need to create a character on the planet where the guild resides? (Not a big deal). I have a level 50 trooper - on ice presently. I just created a smuggler character; I must admit I like the smuggler more than I anticipated. I tried creating an Empire character but for some reason that is a bad fit. I kept making "light side" choices. Dastardly roles don't work for me. Even pretending to be evil feels creepy to me.

Anyway - shout out and let me know who you are.
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