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10.25.2013 , 09:56 AM | #56
I understand channel times, and why they should end when they do. But I have an alternate idea.

SWTOR should make emote versions of these rests. Keep them locked from use until you are a character that can/has used them for recuperation. They'll have their beginning stage of animation, reach a seamless repeatable middle stage, and stay there until ESC is pressed, initiating the exit stage of the animation. Obviously, in emergencies, if you need to get moving right away and have no time to watch the animation end, simply start moving and you're immediately restored.

Keeping them locked until genuine use means there are all the recuperative emotes in the list of options. Like unlocking an emote from an item, when you use your recuperation ability for the first time, it is simply unlocked as an emote. Same thing for toy recoveries, use them, bind them, emote unlocked. That way, we don't have a Knight trying to get away with Recharge and Reload, for example.