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We managed to bug Grobthok out a bit, in that it seemed that having him underneath the magnet as he started to cast pipe smash would break his cast, and after the magnet broke, he would immediately cast pipe smash again. This caused us to take a little more time than we wanted to getting past him, despite one offing each of the two prior bosses.
Not a bug. Pipe smash does not go on cooldown if interrupted. Wait for him to actually get his pipe out before stunning him with the magnet. He'll pull the pipe out at 80-60-40-20 unless your DPS is behind. At which point it becomes a timed event.

Point: Let him get the pipe out then stun him, not before.

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1) Has anyone had trouble with Anti-gravity field where if you got out of the circle with less than, say, 0.5 seconds remaining on the cast, it rubber banded you back into the circle when he finishes the cast? It happened to quite a few people in the raid over our various attempts, though it was only fatal ~50% of the time.
Server lag is strange as far as movement goes. To force the server to update your position in time jump out of the circle if you are clearing but the server disagrees.

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2) When we got to the Unified Beam phase, a bunch of adds spawned immediately before he jumped, in the area where he landed, is there any way to avoid getting the adds to spawn then, so we can properly find him on the mini map? When he hit 40%, we initiated a hard burn, and tried to race him into that phase before another set of adds spawned, was that a bad idea?
That set of adds is the only set that does not follow the timer I outlined earlier. They will either spawn way late if your DPS is terrible, or spawn upon the boss jumping up to do his beams. You can not avoid these adds.

As far as finding him on your minimap, all the adds are melee, they run towards you, they also spawn in the middle of the room. Have your minimap zoomed out so you can see the entire room on your minimap. Zero lands in the end of the hallway, he's easily identified as he is the only dot that does this. And as i said earlier, commit to a hallway when he jumps up. The only thing your raid should be listening for when they burn the adds is a single word of "Move", or "Stay". No babble, no guessing.