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What's with these (dumb) threads getting necro treatment?
I'd rather dev time be spent on literally any other aspect of the game than spent on old content.
I'd rather dev time be spent on converting every player species to gungans than spent on old content.
How much dev time would it take to add classic opt to GF..? 1 hour top..? Ok..possibly 2 hours with a coffe break
Please..all of us know that dev time wouldn't be spent on gungans. That's not a thing that would bring any profit comparing to massive armor redesign(and yeah, we definitely know that all EA cares about is profit..not that it's bad. most of the companies care just about it after all). It's way more profitable to spent this time on some bikini modelling that would go into the cartel market and would be selling like hell
And what's f**** wrong with some of the players wanting to enjoy classical OPS for the first time and not being able to do so..? Not everyone is playing SWTOR just to get the best gear, complete the nightmare ops, and grow their imaginary ***** bigger. If you got a job, family and some other hobbies you wouldn't even want to spend all of your time on stuff like that. Gaming is becoming like an good wine. You're actually trying to _ENJOY_ it, not just to get drunk with it