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Metallikat or CHISS
This was just all kinds of fantastic. And Fenn’rys’s game continues apace. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

@Yoshi, I love Methic’s backpedaling vis-à-vis Jaesa’s virtues. I don’t see that going over well with Vette.

@theStirge, if I could get companions stuck like that for up-close pictures I think I would spend a solid day doing nothing but screenshots.

I have a trio of old things that I finally dusted off and finished. They are all in the Don’t Call Them Ruth-less section of the Ruth!verse timeline, twenty years after the class line, on the battleship Aegis, Wynston’s base of operations.

First is a Sure Bet throwback to Wynston’s Sith-killing strategy as mentioned previously. 450 words. Very indirect references are made to the Agent end of Dromund Kaas/end of Act 1, and the Warrior Act 3 (yes, that one).

Next, Deadly Sins: Envy - When Hazard Met Cipher. This occurs a few weeks after Holiday is salvaged and set up on the Aegis working for Wynston and Quinn. (I feel like I’ve posted parts of this before, but forum search isn’t revealing it.) A minor spoiler for Tharan Cedrax’s conversation line with the female Consular. 700 words.

Finally, Rites of Passage: Growing Up/Out of Father’s Shadow. Rylon Niral, Ruth and Quinn’s son, is going on eighteen, and Pierce Junior is in his early twenties. Quinn has, in this timeline, been vested by life events with an air of noble tragedy he really didn’t ask for. 600 words, no game spoilers.
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