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signing this too.. (looks there's quite a few treads about this in the forums..hope devs would look into this option)
Been playing swtor now and then since beta. Casually mostly. At last wanted to check RotHC, and since it's free for subbers I had got a sub. "Oh well, thats cool! Going to check operations now" I thought. Getting from level 50 to 55 took like 2-3 days. Most of the Makeb questing time I was in the operations GF as a tank. And yes, in 2 day I haven't queued in a single operation. Hitting level 55 was actually a bit dissapointing. It looked like I had missed those 3 OPs and a nice portion of game story alltogether (yeah, swtor is mostly about story and star wars galaxy to me, not hardcore gearing or collecting of 100500 variations of randomly reskinned pokemons from cartel market). And since I'm in a quite inactive guild, the only option for me is just spamming general chat with LFGs..which is just a waste of time if you ask me, since most of the ppl are just using GF
Leaving classic ops just to lvls 50-54 was generally a bad idea. There's aren't much players out there and most likely you'll just miss theese operations without even being able to check them out
Also SM ops could be quite useful for fresh 55's to get the whole ops idea and some better gear to move on instead of being dropped into the wild lvl 55 ops without decent gear and skills
Yeah, someone is yelling "Find a guild! Use the general chat", but once again..why should we make things complicated while theres could be an easier and a way better way to do this..?