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Well, if you're an elite player, you can, of course, overcome any difficulty (hence the term "elite" ;-) Nobody was saying fights are impossible with melees: Many are just easier with more ranged dps, assuming that the available dps to compose your raid group of are equally skilled (and maybe not elite).

I'm not sure, if the fact that elite melee dps can outskill the challenges implemented by the devs means that the fights are actually well balanced for melee vs. ranged from a broader perspective...

In the end, L2P can be applied to almost anything discussed in the forums, but it's pretty much a killer phrase imho. Discussions rarely profit from it on a factual level, as seems to be the case here.
Some refuse to see anything but their own point of view, even when confronted with overwhelming/incontestable evidence to the contrary. I admit when a fight has a ranged bias even for high end players, NiM Dread Guards prenerf was highly taxing on me and the more melee you added the worse it got. Tyrans is definitely a ranged fight, the only mechanic that really wipes groups is a rogue Thundering Blast. There isn't another fight where I say "Dayum, I should bring my Snipes to this one, Marauder is hurting the group". The point being is that I don't know if Keyboardninja actually understands the fights like he thinks because he's missing a few key mechanics, intended or not, that can favor one side. I could tell him to l2p, but it's such an easy route out. Last lockout was the first week we really understood each fight, this stuff is so ez mode that we lawled through everything except pre-nerf Brontes and Council, ignoring mechanics until we took our off-off-alts and started wiping. People don't argue to learn, they argue to be right. Hopefully someone reading takes something new out of the banter and applies it in game,