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10.24.2013 , 07:38 AM | #1
Since the tank classes effectively have two optimal gear builds, I thought it might be useful to consider the most efficient ways that we can build two different sets of gear.

I know some people were rather annoyed at the thought of having to carry around two sets of gear, but I think we can get pretty close to optimal numbers by just having one or two extra pieces.

Option 1 - switch your proc relic
Just changing from a defense proc relic to an absorb proc relic should shift your stats by 200+ points. This seems like a really easy way to shift back and forth. For VG/PT, would it be worth using a Shrouded Crusader (click shield/abs) relic since that would help accommodate for the huge swing in shield?

Option 2 - offhand and one other non-set bonus piece
If you create one of each of these with all absorb and all defense, that gets you between 218-280 points depending on which mods/enhancements you use.

Option 3 - augments
Double up on those items that are easier to get but that have static values. This includes wrist, waist, and earpiece. Maybe offhand and an armor piece as well, since you can get the mods from the wrist/waist tokens. This is obviously the most cumbersome method, but it might be a good option if you need a big swing in shield points.

Has anybody gotten to a point where they're starting to build two optimized sets? If so, what's working for you?