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I have to use a taunt in my opener, or I'll lose agro. I actually have to save one of my taunts when I tank Thrasher in Nightmare Mode, and it is nail bitingly terrifying, because if I get any misses at all, my DPS will pull. The DPS on Thrasher is tight enough that we have to open VERY hard and I can't really pre-pull. It's worth noting that the DPS I run with are good enough that, due to the fact that there are only two guards to go around, I am unable to guard a DPS pulling a 3.1k and another DPS pulling a flat 3k (since the other two are both higher and higher up front burst).

I'm not exactly sure how you could reliably hold agro in the opener without taunt fluffing, given that most good DPS are opening between 4k and 6k DPS.
To be fair, I don't run much Nightmare content due to my work schedule. Hard to find a group on Sunday evenings that wants to run Nightmare on my server. I am sure they are out there, but I am still relatively newish to progression raiding and I am content with the challenge that Hardmode gives me. Just to clarify, taunt fluffing is AOE taunt then single target taunt some time in the first three to six GCDs?

@ Josh....please don't take that wrong... I wasn't really aiming for your head there
I did catch where you said that you do on one tank but not so much on the other. It was meant as more of a blanket statement, because I have come across a lot of people who are totally of the mind set that taunts are supposed to be used only as the start button or if a DPS pulls. And some of them have been so adamant that they will defend this theory with the lovely statement of "If you have to taunt in your rotation then L2P, noob!"
Oh but you did such a fantastic job of it! If there is one thing I hate and tell to people who I am giving my Tanking 101 to, you never start a fight with a taunt. I had for a very long time only used my taunts as a last resort, but I grew as a player and tank both in game experience and from you fine people it became a situationial part of an opener. i.e. Titan 6.