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We've never bothered doing anything with the adds whatsoever. Even for tanks, they're easy to move out of. It's simply easier for positioning if the tanks don't have to move. I'm still fairly certain that this fight can be three-manned in HM, so it's not like it matters.

In the quadruple corrupter spawn, you're going to get two casts from at least two corrupters. It's not at all hard to lock them down with coordination and healers who aren't AFK, but you're still going to get multiple casts.

You need better tanks. The magnet is completely ignorable for the melee if the boss is correctly positioned. The ranged actually have a slightly harder time of it, since it's very tempting to just plop down wherever and turret the boss. Not that it's difficult to move out of the way of the magnet track, but still.

Not all melee DPS have a gap closer, as you should be well aware. And the fingers aren't a joke, they're just easier than they used to be. Healers still have to work pretty hard to keep up with the damage. Defensive CDs are still a point worth considering. What was it you were saying about Sorc DPS taking too much damage?

The people I'm playing with are fine. Sounds like you need to just make fewer assumptions? I was simply listing mechanics that penalize one DPS archetype or another. I'm not saying that I do or don't have trouble handling some or any of them. If you can't have a rational discussion without turning it into a slingfest of petty insults and judgmental behavior, then we're just going to keep bumping heads on everything anywhere.
Let's argue some more.

I'm sure it can be 5manned, not 3. Damage is signif enough where you need two tanks and 2 heals. Also, dunno if one DPS is gonna get it done, this boss does in fact have an enrage timer. We just 3 DPS'd 16man HM though, which is totally laughable fight design. World first 8man kill FTW.

It's not hard to lock them down by killing one on each side before the second cast even starts, then it's single mob interrupts and if the group can't handle that between 4, they don't really have any business being in HM to begin with. EZ mode fight.

Multiple melee = more mining droids in melee on the boss = more moving out of melee range = ranged fight. We have 3 of the best tanks in the game running for our main group, when I say that I mean bads who aren't raid aware. We troll the magnet and Sorc pull people into it, but I'm assuming we're discussing average Joe raider here who probably isn't exactly heads up.

The fingers are a joke. You can't say they aren't, if the group is having issues with the fingers, then it is a poorly geared/bad group. We push after the second clone in our main group, just after the third in our Pub raids and we have absolutely no issues with this fight post nerf. If the group has healing issues, the DPS sucks and it's a miracle they got past the Overcharge Beam first two adds. WTB the old fingers phase back. Now even our Sorc can facetank the fingerbang phase. Straight EZ mode.

There is nothing in any of these fights that gives a disadvantage to ranged/melee other than Tyrans, and with good tanks and a proper strategy, that has even become fairly lawlstomp EZ mode with 3 melee. Granted we're elite players and others will have issues with this, it doesn't change the fact that only 1 out of 10 fights actually matters as far as group comp goes. Compare this with Fabricator, Z/T, Olok, or Styrak and I think they've made significant improvements to fights that don't respond to group comp. Anything other issues with any Dread fight that comes down to a ranged/melee bias is completely on the individual player skill level, they have nothing to do with whether the fight favors or doesn't. All of my points are valid, well founded and honestly not contestable, you're the one who brings personal beliefs into a logic battle. I play with one of the top groups in this game 2 nights a week (down to 1 since we cleared both instances in 2 hours tonight), we run multiple alt raids a week on characters we honestly aren't top notch at, and I run with a random roster group that sometimes doesn't have the best players. None of these have issues killing anything other than Council, and that's more because we don't have the patience to teach anyone else the fight yet.