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Love how much complaining is occurring about this fight.

It's not. It's not even the "best of the best" guilds that are getting this done. It's accomplished by guilds in 72's.

You're doing something wrong. Lashing out at Dulfy, KBN, or anyone else that's getting the content down and saying something along the lines of "you don't understand!" is pretty much bull. There are one of two things happening here.

1) You are misreporting what happened.

2) You do not fully understand what is happening.

The advice that's out there is functional. If you are misrepresenting what is happening no amount of advice is going to help you. If you are not fully understanding what's happening, video cap your attempts and let people see what is actually going on.

Either way best wishes in your attempts. Hope you figure it out.
Totally agree with you on that. There are so many people calling this fight bugged because they cannot tell the difference between the stacking and the non-stacking debuff.
While I can see that there is some kind of bug in this fight, we do not really know what the intended behavior is, and until then I would not say that stacking on the boss is the one and only way to do this boss.

Right now, stacking up on the boss is a good way to counter this bug if your DPS cannot move into the boss quickly enough, but then your melee DPS have trouble killing the adds, unless you always move the boss on top of the adds, which adds challenge to your tanks but makes the healers' job easier.
My raid group had good healers so we just spread out and had the person with the stacking debuff walk into the boss; it really works either way, just try out which strategy works best for your group.