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10.23.2013 , 05:24 PM | #20
We've cleared it both in 8- and 16-man HM with 2 juggernaut tanks who were geared in BiS 72s the first time.

Some tips:
- Saber Reflect reflects his Chest Laser attack.
- Tank him towards one of the corners, but stand so you can get knock-backed. The knock-back is really a tank switch mechanic, and if you are taking large amounts of the damage from the knock-back, this would be a good time to tank switch.
- Everyone needs to stack on the boss. The Concussion Mine is a real killer if it reaches 3 stacks (especially in 16 man HM).
- Cycle your defensive cooldown. Some tanks like to go "ooh shiat" and pop all of their cooldowns at the same time. Don't do that.

For us the real killer was when he reached ~ 25%, jumped to a corner and did his laser blast. That combined with the adds wiped us a couple of times. What we did was that one tank AOE-taunted and then we CC'ed the adds (flashbang), while the second tank used an aggro-dump (Enraged Defense is great as it heals you as well). The tank that aggo-dumped wouldn't get hit at all by the adds after the CC ran out, and could easily pick up the boss afterwards with full health.