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Where's your math to back all of this up
I don't even know where to go with that. Whatever.

Quote: Originally Posted by countpopeula View Post
Nefra- doesn't matter, having at least 1 ranged to pull aggro on the non-tank adds helps, preferably a Sorc/Sage
We've never bothered doing anything with the adds whatsoever. Even for tanks, they're easy to move out of. It's simply easier for positioning if the tanks don't have to move. I'm still fairly certain that this fight can be three-manned in HM, so it's not like it matters.

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Draxus- if you're taking that long to kill the Corruptors where multiple adds are getting multiple casts off, your group sucks and it doesn't matter what the comp is.
In the quadruple corrupter spawn, you're going to get two casts from at least two corrupters. It's not at all hard to lock them down with coordination and healers who aren't AFK, but you're still going to get multiple casts.

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Grob- doesn't matter, all DPS and all heals are screwed by the interrupt. If anything no melee wins because of the magnet.
You need better tanks. The magnet is completely ignorable for the melee if the boss is correctly positioned. The ranged actually have a slightly harder time of it, since it's very tempting to just plop down wherever and turret the boss. Not that it's difficult to move out of the way of the magnet track, but still.

My point stands about the knock-up. Melee don't care; ranged get interrupted out the wazoo without Entrench or Hydraulic Overrides.

Quote: Originally Posted by countpopeula View Post
Zero- if anything, melee wins because you don't need to track mine.
If you have reasonable AoE and rapid mobility on your melee, then yes. I wouldn't bring four Infiltration Shadows or Scrapper Scoundrels though. I don't think either melee or ranged are punished particularly heavily on this fight.

Quote: Originally Posted by countpopeula View Post
Brontes- fingers are a joke post nerf, and nothing new as far as melee goes here. Be good and have a gap closer up at all times or be bad and be bad.
Not all melee DPS have a gap closer, as you should be well aware. And the fingers aren't a joke, they're just easier than they used to be. Healers still have to work pretty hard to keep up with the damage. Defensive CDs are still a point worth considering. What was it you were saying about Sorc DPS taking too much damage?

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Bestia- comp does not matter
I listed exactly why comp matters for this fight. I wouldn't have a problem doing it with four melee, but people should be aware of the disadvantages and advantages.

Quote: Originally Posted by countpopeula View Post
Tyrans- anything other than 3+ melee doesn't matter
I don't like running it with four ranged either, for exactly the same reason.

Quote: Originally Posted by countpopeula View Post
Calph- doesn't matter
Exactly. Just don't bring four DPS with extremely high setup times and you'll be fine, but that says nothing about melee vs ranged.

Quote: Originally Posted by countpopeula View Post
Raptus- doesn't matter, if you can't avoid cleaves, you're a bad melee
It's not the cleave, it's the AoE circle. Obviously it's avoidable, but ranged simply don't have to worry about it. Just because a mechanic can be handled doesn't mean it's not a disadvantage.

Quote: Originally Posted by countpopeula View Post
Council- if anything, you only want 1 melee. Raptus should be kited by a ranged, very few groups will have the heals required to facetank Raptus. I know, I've done it. Out of the top 10 kills, we were the only ones to facetank him and now that we're back to our 1 melee 3 ranged normal comp, we don't do it anymore.
We were facetanking Raptus (with a ranged DPS, no less) and were able to clear the phase with that strategy, but we ultimately decided that it was a little more controlled to kite him, and it does make the healing easier.

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It seems we disagree on almost everything anywhere. Thing is, all of our players disagree with 90% of what you've said here. Sounds like you just need to play with a better caliber of gamers?
The people I'm playing with are fine. Sounds like you need to just make fewer assumptions? I was simply listing mechanics that penalize one DPS archetype or another. I'm not saying that I do or don't have trouble handling some or any of them. If you can't have a rational discussion without turning it into a slingfest of petty insults and judgmental behavior, then we're just going to keep bumping heads on everything anywhere.
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