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@FridgeLM; This is the damage log of my last death, keeping in mind I had roughly 34% DR closer to 35% (upgrading to Dread Forged helm put me at 35%). I'm itemized for mitigation with roughly 55% Shield rating (Dark Ward up), 22% Defense Chance, and 40ish% on Absorption. I was sitting just under 39k HP when we fought him.
22:09:02.054 Corruptor Zero hits you with Bleeding (Physical) for 6620 internal damage.
22:09:02.056 You lose Corruptor Zero's Bleeding (Physical) effect.
22:09:02.195 You gain Reconstruct from Pixxy.
22:09:02.196 You gain Resurgence from Pixxy.
22:09:02.229 Pixxy heals you with Resurgence for 1526 (687 threat).
22:09:02.658 Kaisarios heals you with Surgical Probe for 2892 (1301 threat).
22:09:02.854 Corruptor Zero hits you with Sweeping Slash for 11203 kinetic damage.
22:09:03.123 You activate Shock.
22:09:03.124 You spend 25 Force.
22:09:03.125 You lose Energize effect.
22:09:03.811 You lose Terraphond's Hunter's Boon effect.
22:09:03.811 You lose Terraphond's Unnatural Might effect.
22:09:03.811 You lose Terraphond's Mark of Power effect.
22:09:03.812 You lose Terraphond's Coordination effect.
22:09:03.812 You lose Harnessed Darkness effect.
22:09:03.813 You lose Shield Overcharge effect.
22:09:03.813 You lose Dark Ward effect.
22:09:03.814 You lose Pixxy's Reconstruct effect.
22:09:03.814 You lose Pixxy's Resurgence effect.
22:09:03.815 You lose Corruptor Zero's Corruption Nanites effect.
22:09:03.816 You gain Sprint.
22:09:03.835 Corruptor Zero hits you with Sweeping Slash for 13444 kinetic damage.
22:09:03.835 Corruptor Zero kills you.
22:09:03.882 You hit Corruptor Zero with Shock for 2343* energy damage (5391 threat).
This coming from my Parsec log.
Within the span of a single global cooldown I took a grand total of:

With ONE STACK of his debuff, not two, not three. The log in its entirety is 45 seconds log, I didn't have a chance to deal with adds (or they had just spawned when i died).

I highly highly doubt this is an issue of spike damage, simply because in a SM run we did right after I tanked Zero for the entire fight. During the course of that I took 18 sweeping slashes, so its not like its something that is going to be a few times over the course of a fight (EX: Massive Slam which was 11 times). It is going to be every time he's in melee mode, I've heard it talked about as his basic attack in this mode.

Right now, I do not see a way for me to survive this fight. Period.
Yet on launch day when Suckafish's videos were recorded (and the Livestream was done), one of their Sin Tanks survived with 5 stacks and lost 50% of his HP as a spike. Yes, I know they have 75s and yes I know they are better geared then I am. Not denying that in the slightest but I doubt they could survive that much damage in such a short span of time....