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Bioware is doing a bit better at improving the situation for melee vs ranged. Still not great, but at least Titan VI is no longer current content…
  • Nefra: no one cares, but ranged slightly preferred since it avoids red circling the tanks (slight advantage ranged)
  • Draxus: melee have shorter interrupts and no Bulwark issues, but they also take longer to get in position (balanced)
  • Grob'thok: melee are essentially unaffected by the frequent knock-up or the movement; slightly penalized due to cheetos-related downtime (melee)
  • Corrupter Zero: grav vortex sucks, and add uptime is hard as melee. conversely, who wants an explody mine thingy? mostly, this comes down to most melee lacking AoE (slight advantage ranged)
  • Brontes: melee have better defensive CDs, but uptime and target swapping is a massive pain (advantage ranged)
  • Bestia: no one cares, but ranged slightly preferred due to target swapping on the tentacles and avoiding their slap attack (slight advantage ranged)
  • Tyrans: you want an even balance here to avoid chewing up squares at too high a rate in one group or another (balanced, but only with good tanks)
  • Calphayus: no one cares. at all. (balanced)
  • Raptus: biconal sucks for melee, and bad tanks can make this fight completely unbearable (advantage ranged)
  • Dread Masters: you almost need a melee for Calphayus, and it helps a ton on Raptus as well. two melee, ideally with strong AoE options, are strongly encouraged by the fight design (perfectly balanced)

Of the current content, the Dread Masters are probably the best balanced for melee vs ranged. Of the rest, most fights are slightly or strongly favoring ranged. Still, it's better than S&V or TfB, both of which 100% favor ranged.
Where's your math to back all of this up

Nefra- doesn't matter, having at least 1 ranged to pull aggro on the non-tank adds helps, preferably a Sorc/Sage
Draxus- if you're taking that long to kill the Corruptors where multiple adds are getting multiple casts off, your group sucks and it doesn't matter what the comp is.
Grob- doesn't matter, all DPS and all heals are screwed by the interrupt. If anything no melee wins because of the magnet.
Zero- if anything, melee wins because you don't need to track mine.
Brontes- fingers are a joke post nerf, and nothing new as far as melee goes here. Be good and have a gap closer up at all times or be bad and be bad.
Bestia- comp does not matter
Tyrans- anything other than 3+ melee doesn't matter
Calph- doesn't matter
Raptus- doesn't matter, if you can't avoid cleaves, you're a bad melee
Council- if anything, you only want 1 melee. Raptus should be kited by a ranged, very few groups will have the heals required to facetank Raptus. I know, I've done it. Out of the top 10 kills, we were the only ones to facetank him and now that we're back to our 1 melee 3 ranged normal comp, we don't do it anymore.

It seems we disagree on almost everything anywhere. Thing is, all of our players disagree with 90% of what you've said here. Sounds like you just need to play with a better caliber of gamers?