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I haven't actually watched Dulfy's Corrupter Zero video, but it may have been made during the first week, before Concussion Mine was fixed. Some of the more recent videos are more instructive, at least in terms of mine execution. It depends on which aspect of the fight you're finding to be challenging. I've now cleared this boss on HM with three different groups in our guild, and in my experience, there are two things that wipe groups: healers falling behind due to improper add management (CC the D-15!), and the lasers phase. So, in lieu of other information, I would generically say that you should tighten up on add management, make sure your tanks never have more than 4 stacks, and ensure your healers know that they need to keep everyone mostly topped-off at all times.
We're doing fine with the adds. Its the damage that the Concussion Mine is doing and the extra damage our assassin tank is taking that is the issue. Upon reviewing the videos prior to the Concussion Mine changes and what our experience has been running the raid, the Mines are doing several times the damage.