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I'm not sure of the Suckafish video that you're watching, but the Dulfy video and guide are based on her clear of the boss when it was on the PTS. She hasn't done any significant updates to her guide since the PTS, other than for one point about concussion mine debuff behaviour.

There were important changes to this fight when it was released, so while the Dulfy guide can give you an overview of what to expect for mechanics in the fight, it does not provide you with successful tactical details any longer. This applies to all her Dread Fortress and Dread Palace guides. I believe they are PTS guides and videos that were never updated for the actual Live content. She appears to be loosing interest in SWTOR since around the beginning of September, so I've started to rely less on her new guides.

Please refer to the discussion happening in the following thread for helpful suggestions on the Corruptor Zero fight.

Corruptor Zero Fully Powered Blast
What are you talking about, all of the guides have being updated to live version with new videos from live. The only old videos from PTS are Nefra and Grob'thok which I didn't have feel have a significant change to upload a new video.

The Dread Palace guide was infact created after the operation release on live as I didn't have time on the PTS to clear it.

Please actually verify your facts next time before spewing out false info (or you know actually read the guide and see it for yourself), thank you.