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On tank note. In this video our guardian is full 72 and one or two pices 78s. Vanguard tank full 72s and some 78s. This boss DOES hit like a truck and due to us not having as good gear as Dulffy or SuckaFish groups we had to adjust tactics.

copy and paste of my post from thread mentioned above:


This fight is very challenging for average team (like ours )

In order to beat this guy you should not follow Dulffy tactic as its good but it might not be best one for average team. They have very well geared tanks and healers and thous making this fight easier done their way. Don't get me wrong, I read their guides before every fight but i adjust if its not working for our group.

What we done to beat this fight:

a) stack at the boss at all times. Concussion Mine is a raid killer. On third stack it ticks for 8k and on fourth 11k. If you run to boss with 3 stacks already, your 4th stack will hit tank for around 8k (if not more) damage. Add this up to insane damage that goes up from this boss and there you go, its a wipe

b) if you have commando DPS or any other DPS class that can cleanse other toons, get them to remove Laser DoT of the tank (rather then your healers do it). We have our commando DPS do it. This leaves healers to quickly top up tank after damage spike. He will loose DPS but this will keep tanks alive. Easy choice for me

c) tank boss in the middle. His swipe was hitting our tanks for 2x11-13k in a second due to tanking by the wall. We were getting spikes of damage in region of 30k in 3 seconds. Once we started tank him in the middle, first swipe would push tank out and would delay another swipe hit for 2-3 seconds which allow two heals to hit a tank before second swipe lands.

d) during "range adds" phase get one of your DPS push one of the front adds in one spot so you can AoE stun, AoE lower their accuracy, and then use AoE to nuke them (you can see how i do it in video linked below. Sure i loose DPS but i don't care, at least we can down the boss). If you have Gunslinger, get him to drop his shield in the middle durring this phase of adds as they can wreck your healers if not stunned/tanked). I push one guy to others, then use my 8 seconds CC on two/one of them. Then nuke healer add (we split dps so two guys kill one and other two kill other healing droid). Once healing adds are down off-tank should have enough time to pick up all four adds so they not agro healers. Just AoE them down and back stacking on the boss.

e) run away from Anti-Gravity field, then stack back on the boss for Concussion Mine. If you are a tank don't run thru the boss, you have much too long path to travel. Just run away from boss and you will be fine. This is why tanking by the wall makes it difficult as well. If you try to run away from his stun, most of the time people try to run thru him.
Position your raid like this:

BOSSxTANKxRAID (you can see this on video below)

This makes your raid group have much less running to do when getting away from Anti-Gravity field.

Once you past forth wave of adds, move boss by the wall, nuke him below 25% so he will take off. After 4th wave you should have boss at around 40%. If you don't then you probably spending too much time clearing adds.

Please see video below of our fist kill (notice as one of our tanks gets hit so hard that he stayed with 2 health at one point !!!!!!!)

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