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10.23.2013 , 09:33 AM | #1
Is this fight in 8man HM like.. really off?

We've gotten to him twice now and both times we've hit a wall. Compared to videos I have seen from Suckafish's kill or even Dulfy's kill of him. The Concussion mine hits for like...nothing, and the boss hits for like nothing. Hell Suckafish did it with 2 Assassin Tanks, and my Assassin Tank couldn't even survive having 1 stack of the debuff on him. The damage ramped up from about 9k on his Sweeping Slash, to 11k or 13k... Granted I'm sure both tanks in Suckafish were in full on 75s with 78s already in some slots when they went into the HM Zero fight and my Sin is in almost all 72s armoring wise and is mitigation heavy in mods/enhancements.

But gosh darn, is the difference between full 72s and full 75s in just DR that much that it can allow a Sin-tank to go from not being able to survive 1 stack to surviving FIVE as I saw one of the Suckafish guys live through... Or did something happen recently with this fight to bug it or severely alter the damage going out?