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I think it's no surprise this argument has heated up since Slinger DPS has gone through the roof after 2.0. The deal used to be (and should be, imo): Melee DPS are more risky to bring along (require more positionig skill and survivability awareness) but pull higher numbers. Ranged are the safe option but don't hit that hard.

It's extremely difficult to favour melee DPS via fight mechanics, although devs are clearly improving here. I do think melee and ranged DPS should be balanced via potential damage output primarily.

As to balance among different ranged DPS classes: I think we all agree devs have gone too far with Slingers/Snipers, as they have already stated themselves.

I've been switching mains between my Sent and my (Hybrid)Slinger back and forth since 1.2., but I have a slight preference for my Sent, as playing him is simply a bit more fun to me. For pure effectiveness in progress raiding. I'd have to main my Slinger atm, though...
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