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I've been seeing some discussion here about Vanguard and Shadow tanking DPS. I haven't seen much in regards to Guardian tank DPS. I did a dummy run a few months back where the highest I hit on my best parse was something like 800 DPS. Then I'm seeing here Shadows like KBN are hitting 1.3k DPS and holding 3.7k threat on average. Just blows my mind. So -

What sort of DPS is practical for a Guardian Tank post 2.5?
What are people achieving atm?
Are we in a good or bad position and can it be improved?

Additional to this, I raid with a Shadow, who admittedly is a better tank than me in my opinion, and flogs me in all areas - especially threat. I can never steal it back without taunting, as far as I've noticed. I still just don't quite understand how our threat has been balanced out, because in my experience - it has definitely improved, but not to the ability I thought it was explained. Just to be clear, I don't think I'm bad - I just don't think it's good enough.

It's almost certainly my fault of course, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong - thus I can't fix it. Perhaps others are experiencing something similar? For reference, Gralleh's Guide to Guardian Tanking is my bible.

It's important to remember that he said he did 1.3k-1.4k DPS while tanking the entire time and presumably not moving around too much. In that kind of ideal scenario (the tank equivalent of a dummy parse), Juggernaughts will do the same DPS as an Assassin. Pre-2.4, my Juggernaught was doing 1.2k DPS on NiM TFB's Withering Horror and that's after the drop-off that occurs due to yellow circles being up. The Withering Horror is a pretty fair example of single target DPS as a tank due to the fact that the tanks swap fairly evenly and there is a decent amount of downtime for each. The only issue of equality in this fight is that Juggernaughts get a bit more free DPS if they time Saber Reflect on every Nasty Bite they can and being able to immediately jump to the Withering Horror.

On fights where there is more movement needed and/or tanks need to kite, Guardian/Juggernaught tank DPS is hurt the most due to their heavier reliance of melee range attacks. Also, our DPS drops the most when not tanking due to the fact that we rely heavily on Riposte/Retaliation for DPS, which is normally our highest DPS skill. Currently, I'm doing almost the same DPS as pre-2.4 just because the new fights aren't mastered yet, but most likely, I expect to gain about 100 DPS once that's over.

In general, Guardian DPS is in a good place. You just have a lot more skills than the other tanks to maximize and resource generation is critical to doing extra damage, but you can do the same DPS with practice. I did a quick 5 minute parse on the dummy here with my normal tank gear and did 1002 DPS by just doing my basic rotation. You can also utilize Saber Throw and Force Leap to gain a bunch of extra Focus/Rage, but that's not practical on many bosses so I didn't do that for this parse. My gear is roughly equivalent to KeyboardNinja's with a 72 mainhand and 78 off-hand.

The main differences in a real fight is that my number of Slashes are low due to having very little focus and my number of Riposte/Retaliations are low due to not getting hit. After your opening rotation to maximize threat, you spread out Force Sweep and Blade Storm so that you use 2-3 Courage stacks to make them cost 0-1 Focus, use Combat Focus almost on cooldown (unless you need it for a burn phase) to gain extra Focus, and pour all your extra Focus into extra Slashes when possible. There are other minor things you can do to improve your DPS, but you should focus on it later.
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