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A good place to practice rotations as a tank is the Quesh world boss. It's not a totally realistic DPS number, since the armor is low and your attacks will never miss, but you can compare to yourself from pull to pull. It has enough HP that it should take you quite a while to get it down, and the respawn is fairly short (alternatively, /stuck or evade). You can compare your DPS from pull to pull to see when you're improving, optimize your rotation and improve your muscle memory. You can also compare DPS between tanks to get an idea of relative balance, though you would need to find three tanks who have the exact same gear and all play at optimal skill levels.

On the subject of general tank DPS, I find that tanks who have serious DPS alts (or even mains) do dramatically better in terms of damage and threat. I know that my DPS as a tank jumped by over 15% when I got serious about my sentinel a year ago, and threat became commensurately easier. In general, if you treat your tanking rotation as a DPS would maximizing every GCD, avoiding cast gaps, never losing uptime, and perfectly executing every proc you will find your damage and threat will be noticeably better.
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