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The punishment for mistakes in the Corruptor Zero fight at the current 72 gear level is basically a wipe. This fight is highly unforgiving.

One specific tanking mechanic that must be executed perfectly each time is that the tanks cannot be caught in the Anti-Gravity Field. Each tanking class has their escape mechanism; Assassins speed away, Juggernauts can leap to a friend or enemy in range, and Powertechs have Hydraulic Overrides and can also Jet Charge to an enemy in range.

It is possible for a tank to survive being caught in the Anti-Gravity Field, but only with the quick assistance of the rest of the team. 1) The healers need to basically anticipate you being caught in one and have solid HoTs rolling on you and almost be pre-casting a big heal on the tank affected. 2) The free tank must attempt to taunt the boss off the tank that is caught in the Field, though we've haven't discovered a consistent way to taunt the boss off the tank that is caught. There's a bit of luck involved.

The tank that is caught in the Field will take anywhere from 10K-40K+ damage depending on a variety of factors including the number of debuff stacks they are carrying, how many hits the boss gets in before loosing interest, and what defensives are up.

I'm not familiar with the Republic side or Shadow tanking at all, but your combat log shows you loosing the following effects between the time you're caught in the Field and when the blast hits you: Focused Defense, Impact Control, Battle Readiness, Harnessed Shadows, Guard, Kinetic Bulwark, and Force Synergy. My guess is that you're super-vulnerable at that point.

Below is a video of my first Corruptor Zero kill with The Drunk Tanks team I run my Operative healer, Ivs, with on The Shadowlands. It's from the Assassin tank's perspective, Dough. You can see the tanks kiting the boss around to help them stay a couple steps ahead of any Anti-Gravity Field being cast. The Powertech tank, Mandalo, gets caught in the Field once and you can hear me saying I've got the heals ready for him to survive and the Assassin tank also successfully taunts the boss off him. As well, you can see the Sorcerer healer pull the stunned Powertech away from the boss, so it took a full team approach to save him that easily. Finally I was also trying to use my intuition during the fight to anticipate when the Field was going to be cast. You can hear me say "Ok, get ready for Anti-Gravity. I can feel it coming," and it is cast a second later.

Bedroom Intruders kill HM Corrupter Zero (feat. Ivs)

TLDR: Tanks must not be caught in the Anti-Gravity Field.
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