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So I was tanking 8M HM DF last night (we progressed past Draxus the previous night and wanted to keep clearing bosses), and while Grobthok was a joke, we started banging our head against Corruptor Zero. We didn't get him down that night, but we're still working on strategy, and had only done it once, maybe twice on SM before going into HM, so our tactics were likely bad. I realize that Heavy Slash's DoT ticked on me through it's full duration most of the time, and I know there are some other rather dumb things that were done, but that's not the point of this, though suggestions would be appreciated

The purpose of this post, though, is to try to clarify my confusion on something. In the other times we fought him, whenever I got hit by Fully Powered Blast, it hit me for some decent damage, but nothing that couldn't be healed through. The last hit in this fight in the linked log shows that it hit me for 44762 damage, which would have killed me from full health. I suspect it only hit so hard because of the stacking debuff I had at the time, but how could we avoid having this happen in the future? This particular attempt was going fairly well until I got caught in an Anti-Gravity field and then got wrecked by that one hit.

EDIT: Here's the log
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