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10.22.2013 , 08:27 AM | #1
I can never understand why naming of people isn't allowed on the forums. Such people should be put to shame.

Not entirely sure if this is the right section, but since it is something to do with raids
So I was running TFB as a sorc dps. It was a pug group straight out from the imp fleet gen chat as normal. Loots not altered so anyone could press need or greed.

Since my sorc was decently geared I don't need on any ark sets that dropped. Rules for materials are greed only, which was fair.

So everything was going smoothly. Until Kephess dies and we all start to loot his corpse. I caught a glimpse of the chat on the LEADER himself pressing need on mats.

So I just said "Since people had started pressing need on mats, i will press need as well if i see anyone else doing that."

So the leader had the gall to whisper me "who", i blatantly replied "you."

After much debate, leader decides to kick me off the team, keeping the material for himself.

Everything happened too fast, I couldn't take much screenshots, except for the glorious moment right before i kicked out in which the chat doesn't show much.

if it's a bannable case, how do i go about making a report?