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There are so many fights in the newer content that abuse and make melee the poorest choice to bring for dps. How about we attempt to get some balance and have some hardship thrown to the currently all powerful gunslinger?

a few random diversions thrown out on players more than 10m away from the boss would be amusing to me.
Please no! Diversion like what Yellow of Operations Chief does to Snipers/Gunslingers would be be like a boss jumping out of melee's reach when their Force Charge are off cooldown...

Come to think of it, in boss mechanics with AoE raid wide damage, Lightning Sorcs have their casting pushed back. Can't say if Arsenal Mercs have 100% pushback protection. Snipers/Slingers on the other hand of 100% pushback protection from cover 100% of the time as well as Hunker Down/Entrench on a 1 min cooldown to protect them from knockbacks. Atm Mercs have the same thing in Hydraulic Overrides (which is better for that purpose since theirs is on a ~30? sec cooldown.

Like guy above mentioned there are some mechanics that can knock people out of cover. Classic example is the adds that jump out in NiM Styrak. But it can be alleviated using Entrench/Hunker Down if that raid calls it out early and the players pops the ability out in time.
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