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You think this is bad? Then you clearly weren't around launch (pre patch 1.2 I think), where there was no Group Finder at all. You had to camp the entrance to the Flashpoint you wanted to run and whisper every SOB to see if they wanted to do that Flashpoint.

Anyways, the queue times for level 55 Operations are horrendous, and unless you join with healers and tanks it'll take ages for them to pop. Also it doesn't take long to form a group on fleet. It usually takes me 10-15 minutes to form a group for SV SM 16 man for the Weekly.
Exactly, I wasn't. And I'm glad about it, because it would drive me crazy for sure, and luckily I arrived when lots of issues of that type were taken care of, which gives me hope that some slight adjustments such as this one can be done without too much effort for them. And as you said, finding group for SV, DP, DF or other newer ops isn't much of a problem because somebody is always yelling about them in general chat and 55s are mostly doing them. For older ones... it's painful.