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There are so many fights in the newer content that abuse and make melee the poorest choice to bring for dps. How about we attempt to get some balance and have some hardship thrown to the currently all powerful gunslinger?

a few random diversions thrown out on players more than 10m away from the boss would be amusing to me.
If that was true you'd just stack snipers in melee range though and keep healers out since the accuracy debuff doesn't matter to them... Wouldn't make rdps any less powerful really.

The problem is it is pretty hard to make a fight where melee dps is straight up better than ranged dps, since ranged can always stack and become de-facto melee dps anyway. In all the time I have played sw:tor, wow, and others, I can think of remarkably few fights were melee dps is strictly better than ranged, as its just relatively difficult to craft a mechanic that enforces this in a non-stupid or cheesy way
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