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10.19.2013 , 04:32 PM | #3
Just a few I thought of, but I don't play ranged.

Terror From Beyond
Kel'sara: targets ranged in P3
Kephess: lots of movement
TFB: Dodging spit in P1; movement and mele range in P2

Scum and Villany
Dash'roode: ranged stuck on adds; frequent movement between generators
Titan 6: Dodge air strike; pull in during soft enrage
Thrasher: Dodge merc missles; boss kiting and cleave avoidance

Dread Forrest
Nefra: ranged usually stuck pulling droid from group
Draxus: Bulwarks require mele range
Brontes: Fingers require mele range

Dread Palace
Council: Ranged stuck kiting Raptus?
Maybe others, but I have to run.