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Heh, good stuff bud. I wish Oricon wasn't so Kool, for now I find myself grinding pve(yes I'm losing my mind). I. Cannot. Believe. The. Piss-poor. Stats. That. Verpine. Possesses. Bioware sucks.

I augmented my old warhero power relics, swapped crystals...I have just over 900 melee bonus damage. How does that compare to what you guys have, or should I stick with proc relics?
I'm at 1086, using my old EWH relics. Honestly I'm not sure if should just keep using them or switch to power proc ones. I've been toying with the idea of switching to the power proc and using Enraged Defense's healing on CD to see if I can imitate the Sniper/Annihilation Mara healing exploit, not sure what type of stress that would put on the rotation though.