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This does lead to a rare but significant anomaly. What if (on NiM mode) one of the tanks gets challenged? You send your tank + tankiest dps? What if the tankiest dps does not survive, a sorc with bubble? Unless I've missed something about the challenge mechanic this could cause problems later on.
I've never actually seen a tank get challenged in HM. Raptus always chooses a DPS as far as I can tell. Even if you lose a DPS (yay, lag + Spinning Attack), he'll just dump onto one of the other DPS.

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You are talking like the tanks don't take any damage when they go in together. They do and sometimes when one tank is low for whatever reason, they may not survive in there. 20-22k damage isn't alot when your tanks have 40k+ HP and they can be quickly topped off.
My tank is sitting on 43k HP right now (and that's mitigation-stacking), and I'd still rather not solo tank it. It's true that the tanks do take noticeable damage going in together, but it isn't that much. Between self-healing and the fact that my internal damage resistance is much higher than a powertech's, I'll generally lose between 7% and 10% of my HP, which is proportionally much better even assuming my cotank takes more damage than I do.

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Saying that you can't or you never should one tank the challenge simply isn't true. Being flexible is good. If for whatever reason you can't put 2 tanks into the challenge, then 1 tank can do it. I think one of our tanks even died in this week's farming run and we were forced to solo tank it.
It is good to be flexible, I agree. I think that was actually my overall point. Knowing that you can one-tank it is great, but ultimately two-tanking it results in less and more diffuse damage, which means it has better margins in terms of healing both before and after the challenge.

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Speaking of Nightmare mode, which we don't know the mechanics of. What if the enrage timer is tight? Why waste time to coordinate and wait? This is assuming that one tank can even survive a tank challenge on NiM mode.
I would imagine the challenge enrage will be tight (hopefully also the boss's, since he right now doesn't have an enrage at all), but I find it hard to imagine that Bioware will design a fight which forces a one-shot on the kiter every time the challenges go out. Pausing to wait for the tank challenge to be well-underway is not a significant hardship for the DPS, especially since they still clear the challenge within a second or two after the tanks exit the portal.
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