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Guide is by Okuy / Mauull all credits go to him.

Link to torparse 3052 DPS

Gear used:
  • Reusable attack adrenal and Might stim
  • 75 head
  • 72 chest
  • 78 gloves
  • 78 belt bracer
  • 78 legs
  • 75-78 boots
  • 78 OH
  • 72 MH,
  • Obroan Serendipitous Assault and KD Serendipitous Assault
  • UW implants, Shadowed earpiece
Thanks for posting this Paowee, I've actually started running Rage for PvE and I been stuck around 2700 in my 72s. I'll check it out hopefully to close the gap b/w my Veng and Rage parses.

Edit: 2800 on 3rd try. Made a few mistakes because muscle memory isn't the easiest thing to overcome. Definitely think 2900-3K is doable with my current gear.