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I think it turns UR into a viable escape ability, but it no longer has any other productive utility use in PVE. That's fine, but it seems to be a silly change, once again, for the sake of PVP without considering the effect on PVE.

Again, it's not a serious problem IMO...It just changes the usefulness of UR and what it will probably be used for. No longer a cushion for healers to get you healed, now a solo escape mechanic instead.

I wonder if it was originally intended as an escape mechanic....
If it's an escape mechanic, at least they should have give back the second of its duration when they changed it a while back, when they nerfed it for both pve and pvp because of pvp whining. And yeah, it was brilliant when they un-nerfed it later on only for pvp leaving the nerfed "version" for pve.

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So my progression raid group should only have one Marauder now since bloodthrist can't be used by two people anymore? Whats the point of making the debuff last five minutes if that's how long the cool down on bloodthrist is? You should at least make it 2.5 minutes so a second Marauder can have more utility and value too a group.
Probably that's exactly what they want, maybe the want to discourage to bringing a 2nd mara/sent into your group.