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Enitre team was going to burn xander 1st. Sorc dps getting aggro from everything. Me getting shredded by ughnaut adds at wookie boss, oh and of course a dps in low 65 pvp gear
If you are a healer its expected the adds come after you, you should have been standing on top of the car. This gives the tank enough time to plan the adds burning. Hell some tanks ignore them until just before the wookie dies, then they AoE taunt them all and pull them into the flame. Another strategy is to just kil the wookie, AoE taunt the adds run to the edge and have an inquisitor or merc knock them all off. Also, PvP gear is fine for dps and healers in a 55hm... tanks not so much.

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Main event. Team's about to go get the elevator down, decided to press bonus button and ignore garold.
Damn me And the moment i did that.

clueless sorc of course didn't attempt to get minimum obstacole between him and garold to not get that pull/storm combo on him. Tank was alright, then again it was 1 lone npc, and not a mob of'em .

Keep healing with what I could. And only that. Garold enrages. something i've never, ever see happen since cademium HM's implementation in the game.
Sorry do not understand that one? You guys wanted to skip him and the sorc pulled him? It's normal post 2.4 to push the console to get the comms but not fight the boss since he only gives BM trash. I personally always make sure to ask if we are skipping or not before I do anything since some players want to fight him and others think skipping means not getting the comms.
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