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somehow this thread ended in 2nd page.

Time for a story.

Cademium hm with my sorc healer.

Getting to the main event of this fantastic run,long story short:

Enitre team was going to burn xander 1st. Sorc dps getting aggro from everything. Me getting shredded by ughnaut adds at wookie boss, oh and of course a dps in low 65 pvp gear

Main event. Team's about to go get the elevator down, decided to press bonus button and ignore garold.
Damn me And the moment i did that.

clueless sorc of course didn't attempt to get minimum obstacole between him and garold to not get that pull/storm combo on him. Tank was alright, then again it was 1 lone npc, and not a mob of'em .

Keep healing with what I could. And only that. Garold enrages. something i've never, ever see happen since cademium HM's implementation in the game.

the 3 get shredded. was gonna go get myself wiped when I realize garold had only 600hp, miracle kill, right there.

Dps, don't remember which 1, goes " mate we need more heals, not dps "
ok. so I didn't touch garold with anything. He got enraged. Like, they serious?

Go to general ortol. sarcastic dps goes " this is should be fun " to which he gets replied from me " np he's not gonna enrage " . ortol gets one-shotted, was gonna throw a cheeky "l2p" at the end, didn't bother though, not worth it.
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