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Ah so you're the guy who's blog I was supposed to have read to find out about the pre 2.4 wz titles. Hey thanks buddy ,for posting that oh I don't know, anywhere else, like in channels that are used to pass on information to players in general. Twitter, email newsletter, facebook, the site? I found out about these titles two days. Nobody in my guild knew about it, none of my friends mentioned and nobody on the fleet mentioned it. Now BioWare implements titles and collections and that appeals to people like me who are really passionate about collecting in game. But I don't have a crystal ball! How am I supposed to guess that one small little line in a developer's pvp blog is your idea of informing people? You ruined the game for me, congratulations. I value collecting titles and achievements more than anything, thanks to you sticking to one line in a blog I have no reason to read in the first place because I'm not all that much into pvp and I don't have the time to check all the blogs; there's now a title I can never get anymore. I haven't missed a single event since the beta, and now this. I won't put up it with, if this is how BioWare handles things, then it's game over for me. And that's on you, Alex Modny.
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