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10.14.2013 , 01:36 AM | #1024
I can't remember the last time I pugged a raid and doing it thru GF. Well last night I did (I'm a healer) together with guildies: 2 tanks, 1 other healer and 1 dps.
We get insta pop ofc - TFB SM - and were talking in TS "how bad can this be, we only have 3 pug dps". Well.
We got the Dread Guards to enrage even tho us healers were doing dps as much as we could. Nobody answered anything in OPS chat when we were giving instructions or asking questions. Nobody attacked the cores or vortexes first, it was us healers to do that... And lastly when we go to Operator I AGAIN ask "have you guys done this before" and then WOW someone actually answered and said the usual "could refresh my mind about it". We explain yet again, short and sweet and precise. And well... we failed color Blue... on a TFB SM! even tho both of us healers were again doing almost only dps.... So yeah I was super annoyed by that time and had no hope to clear operator so I quit the grp and so did my guildies.
The thing is that I don't mind explaining to ppl stuff when they react somehow and show that they can do what they're told to do. But when you get no reply or question or anything from anyone or any signs of them knowing what to do, why bother then you know.
So yeah I'm not pugging again in a long time.
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